Elektra super hero

elektra super hero

Elektra, Elektra Natchios is a Marvel Comics character part of The Hand. Elektra ist der Name einer Comicreihe um die gleichnamige Comicfigur des Kategorien: Superheld · Comicfigur · Marvel Comics. Elektra has demonstrated the ability to mesmerize others, and as such make them see illusions or other phenomena. Mind Switch: Elektra's strangest gift is her. Naturally the character is also part homage to the mythological Elektra of Greek mythology, Miller's character initially defined as having father issues. At the end of the story arc the real Elektra returns. Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott. Gorgon used his power on her neck and she collapsed. Her experiences however left Elektra greatly depressed and she even showed sings of suicidal behavior when she did not get any assignments for some time. The two mysterious assassins use their weapons and firepower advantage to pin Elektra down to a spot, however when they require a moment to reload Elektra swiftly moves engaging Nico in hand to hand combat quickly beating her. Rise of the Silver Surfer

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Elektra has several flashbacks that reveal a troubled past between her and her estranged brother whom she thought dead. Elektra would impale the Skrull Elektra killing it, letting it drop to the floor the body reverting to its true Skrull alien form. Elektra realizes that the scenario is a trap designed to make the Thunderbolts appear to be terrorists, and pleads with Rulk to let her save her brother. Assassin , Elektra Lives Again 1, Bizarre Adventures 28, What If? Then, the little girl surprises Elektra showing martial arts skills, and using her large bracelet for an effective weapon vanquishing two wolves of Tattoo. Newton's head, cleft from the shoulders, struck the floor. As she grew into womanhood, she euromillions ziehungen in love with Matt Murdock and briefly became involved with him, but the relationship ended after she tried to get him to kill Roscoe Sweeney. Whilst Garret was actually still dismantled in a stasis chamber in SHIELD storage building. Comicserien [ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Marvel brachte eine Serie des Zeichners Mike Deodato und des Autors Peter Milligan heraus. Elektra sends Cops free online flying out the window then arms herself with the ninja's weapons while telling the Night Nurse to escape. In a spin-off, ElektraGarner returned as the main character. Christina gave premature birth to Elektra and then died. In the Ultimate universe Elektra starts out as a university student studying martial arts and was a huge fan of Bruce Lee. There Elektra met Matt Murdock, the man who would become Daredevil, who became her boyfriend. She is also able to keep to the shadows and move with such speed that she can remain unseen even in daylight. Search the Marvel Dino spiele kostenlos 1001. Shroud and Elektra would face the superior numbers and hold their own, the Shroud would try to be proactive by cloaking the area in total darkness, guessing that Elektra's ninja training would allow her to fight better than her opponents blinded by that virtue. Marvel Universe , Knifemaster , Martial Artist , Ninja. When the rest of the group returns Elektra begs them to help Frank. Meanwhile, Elektra, Ross, Leader, and Frank travel to London to track down Orestez. Elektra is one of the main playable characters in this 3-D fighting game, which pitches iconic Marvel characters against brand new video game publisher Electronic Arts created video game characters Dr. This was all part of Kingpin's ex-wife Vanessa to assassinate him for idle standing by while their son's neck was slit. Elektra has been featured in crossovers with characters from other publishing companies:. Thunderbolts Code Red [1] The Hand S.

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Everything Wrong With Elektra In 13 Minutes Or Less She learns that the actual victim isn't Mark but Abby, indeed. Not only Matt is angered, also the Kingpin, for letting Foggy Nelson go. It keeps my students alert. As the team regrouped to decide their next move, it was revealed that the terrorist who purchased the Gamma tech the team tried to track down in Kata Jaya and whom is also controlling the Crimson Dynamos that the Thunderbolts fought in the streets of Dagestan is Elektra's brother, Orestez Natchios. In the film, her father did not abuse her physically or sexually, but rather pushed and bullied her as a warped form of "training"; in an attempt to forge her into an implacable warrior, he harshly punished her for the smallest failure or show of weakness.


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